Good lifestyle health tips in english

Importance of health
good lifestyle health tips
good lifestyle health tips in english

Health is a state of the completely mental and physical.
For a healthy life cycle is must need for every men and women to have a 
balanced diet and has to regularly exercise.
The health of all organisms depends on surrounding environment. 
Our surrounding environment is an important factor in our individual men and women health

Health tips for men and women

Everyone must knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Avoid the packet food.
  • Eat natural foods.
  • Get your vitamins. 
  • Break unhealthy habits. 
  • Protect your skin from uv radiation.
  • Get moving. 
  • Maintain a healthy waist.
  • Don't drink sugar calories. 
  • Eat nuts.
  • Avoid the junky food and eat real food.
  • Don't drink bear
  • Eat fatty fish. 
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Take care of your health.
  • Drink fresh water.
  • avoid the soft drink(because they harmful for our health.
  • drink 3 to 4 litre fresh water in day.
  • Visit your doctor. men are usually avoid the doctor.
  • eat food at right time.
  • every day do exercise.
  • dont smoke.
  • must be wah your hand before eating.
  • eating healthy diet.
  • eat green vegetables everyday.
  • Manage your stress.
  • keep calm in every work.
  • every day eat shedualwise.

12 Incredible Healthy Foods
good health tips
good health tips

  2. Chickpeas (green)
  3. Chickpeas (white)
  4. Split Green Gram
  5. Split Red Gram
  6. Split Red Lentil
  7. dates
  8. green vagetables
  9. friuts
  10. dry fruits
  11. chocolates
  12. beans
  13. dragon fruits.

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