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Top interesting secret history of computers

The history of computer science
The history of computer science
The history of computer science
Charles Babbage was discover the computer.

                  Charles Babbage was often regarded as the one of first pioneers of computing. Beginning in the 1810 s, Babbage had the vision of the mechanically computing numbers and tables. ... This machine was the known as a “Analytical Engine”, which was a first true representation of the what is the modern computer.

The history of computers
The history of computers
The history of computers

The computer as we know it today it was beginning with the 19th century and discover by English mathematics professor name was Charles Babbage.

      He was the designed Analytical Engine and it was a design that was basic framework of computers of the today are based on.
Generally the speaking, computers can be classified into the three generations.

      Each generation lasted for a certain period of a time,and each gave us either the new and improved in computer or an improvement to existing computer.

Generation of computer
Generation of computer
Generation of computer

First generation:
       1937 – 1946 - In 1937 the first electronic digital computer was built by the Dr. John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry. It was called a Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC). In 1943 the electronic computer name Colossus was the built for a military. Other developments continued until in the 1946 a first general– purpose digital computer, a Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) was built. 

      It is the said that the computer weighed was 30 tons, and had 18,000 vacuum tubes which was used for processing. When the computer was turned on for a first time lights dim in sections of the Philadelphia. Computers of this generation could only perform a single task, and they are not operating system.

Second generation: 
        1947 – 1962 - This was generation of computers used for the transistors instead of vacuum tubes which were more the reliable. In the 1951 a first computer for commercial  the use was introduced to public.a Universal Automatic Computer (UNIVAC 1). In 1953 the International Business Machine (IBM) 650 and 700 series computers made their mark in a computer world.

         During this generation of the computers over 100 computer programming languages were developed, computers had the memory and operating systems. Storage media such as a tape and disk were in the use also were printers for the output.

Third generation:
       1963 - present - The invention of the integrated circuit brought us a third generation of computers. With this invention of computers became smaller, more powerful and more reliable and they are able to the run many different programs at a same time. 

         In 1980 the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-Dos) was a born and in 1981 IBM introduced the personal computer (PC) for the home and office use.and the Three years later Apple gave us a Macintosh computer with the its icon driven interface and the 90 s gave us the Windows operating system.

history of computer with timeline

1936First Computer history

first freely programmable computer came into play.
1947transistor history

transistor was the invented by the Bell Telephone Company. It wasn't computer in itself'but it was a vital computer component.
1953IBM history

International Business Machines came out with the first computer machine.
1955Bank computer history

first bank computers were invented. They are used MICR'or magnetic ink character recognition'to read checks.
1958computer chip history

Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce invented the integrated circuit'better known as a computer chip.
1962Video games history

Spacewar games invented a first computer video games.
1963The mouse is invented history

Douglas Engelbart invented a computer mouse. He called it the the mouse because the cord came out the back like a tail.
1969internet history

The first internet was called ARPANET. The original internet wasn't used very widely because not many people had access to it.
1974-1977first personal computers history

IBM and Apple were just the couple of the brands that put out the first personal computers.
1975Microsoft was born history

Bill Gates worked with Paul Allen to developed the BASIC for a Altair 8800.
1989Microsoft expands history

Microsoft made the program that was a compatible with IBM computers. This let more the people come into contact with the now well-known program.
1991internet as we know it history

Tim Berners Less came up with a World Wide Web. He was started the computer revolution.
1991laptop comes into play history

first laptop computer'the Power Book 100'came out. There were the other portable computers before this'but they are were very clunky and expensive.
1996World Wide Convention history

first internet convention was the held.
1996Mini computers history

Nokia introduced the phone that had internet capabilities. This was started the revolution of a devices that was were small'portable computers.

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