Republic Day is near, and our country is ready for great celebrations. This year, India celebrated its 71st Republic Day - when our country became an independent republic. Republic Day celebrates the day the Constitution of India came into force.

Every school across the country is preparing for the Republic Day celebrations on January 26. Various competitions are held in schools and the speech competition is no exception.

If your short speech is involved in a competition, you need simple and eloquent speech.
To help you out, here is a sample speech to help your child become a star at Republic Day celebrations.

Republic Day 2020 : Republic Day speech 2020
Republic Day 2020 : Republic Day speech 2020

Republic Day speech

Dear principal, teacher and friend
We all know that we gathered here for the Republic Day celebrations. I am excited and happy to have the opportunity to say something about my country.

This year, we are celebrating our nation's 71st Republic Day. We celebrate Republic Day on January 26, the day the Constitution of India came into force.

As a citizen of India, I am proud to ensure the fundamental rights of every citizen, including equality, freedom, religion, culture, education, privacy and more.

On this auspicious occasion, bow your head before the memories of Indian freedom fighters and great leaders. I want to broadcast my speech after a moment of silence for those great souls.

It is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to diversity, fraternity and unity among all our citizens.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to speak in front of all of you.
Jai Hind

Here are some tips you can consider when preparing a Republic Day speech
Make it simple
Since speech is for children, try to simplify it. Avoid using complicated words and sentences.
Brief information about Republic Day
Give information about Republic Day and its significance in the first paragraph.

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