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100% You like this funny jokes | best jokes | ever corny jokes

funny jokes | best jokes | ever corny jokes
funny jokes | best jokes | ever corny jokes

1. “A man enters a barrel” is a joke
Many jokes start with this sentence. After that the joke goes on with a little story about a man in a bar. However, the bar is also made of wood or metal, so you also find humor like this:

Example 1
Someone is walking the bar.

Definition: “Ouch” is what we mean when we hurt ourselves.

Example 2
A lonely man enters his bra.

Interpretation: If you are dyslexic, you have difficulty with the letters. Instead of b-a-r, the word b-r-a (meaning women's underwear.)

2. Mother-in-law jokes
Men tend to tell these jokes, and it is also considered to be less sexual and age. Here is an example:

“My mother-in-law collapsed in despair. To my surprise - I never knew they worked. ”

Definition: A wellspring fountain (a place where you can lower the bucket to raise water) where you can make a wish - and then it happens.

3. Jokes with puns
The pun is a "word play", so this kind of joke plays with different meanings of words, or is based on words that sound the same - but have different meanings.

Here is an example of words that sound the same.

“I went to the zoo one day. There was only a dog in it - it was a shihtzu. ”

Interpretation: The shihtzu is a type of dog. But when you say "shihtzu" it sounds like "sh * t zoo", which means "awesome zoo".

(By the way, this joke also is an example of "one-liner" - a joke in just one sentence.)

Here is another example of different word definitions.

“Two articles marry. The event was boring - but the event was made even more special. "

Interpretation: A reception can mean a party after a wedding, OR a reception on your TV or phone

4. Culture jokes
This is based on shared cultural knowledge, which makes it difficult to understand. Here is an example:

Doctor, I can't stop singing The Great Green Grass of Home.
He says "That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome."
"Is it normal?" I asked.
"It's not normal" he replied.

Interpretation: "It's not strange" is a popular song created by Tom Jones.

5. Doctor jokes
The "doctor" yoke is a joke based on a mental state in which the patient explains the problem to the doctor. Here is an example:

Patience: Doctor, I have pain in my eye whenever I drink tea.
Doctor: Take a teaspoon out of the jar before drinking.

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