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 What's up it's in today's articlei am going to be how to get famous on YouTube.


1. Browse your channel profile
1: Upload your video content
2: Create a lovely cover
3: Let people know about you
4: Include a positive video.

2. Use some technical tech hacks
1: Play long videos
2: Use the keyword in your video file name
3: Tactical winning titles
4: Write the definitions correctly
5: Touch! YouTube Listing Features
6: Use the keyword in your video file name

3. Learn how to create better video content
1: Keep a regular program
2: Develop Your Culture
3: Start the series
4: Collaborate with other creators


          How to grow on YouTube how to have your videos go viral and just how to get your channel up and going in general I have been asked to make this video since the very beginning of my channel and I've been putting it off for the longest time for a few reasons one being there is seriously so much to say in one video that I'm going to have to spread it out so I think today I'm going to be primarily focusing on how to grow your channel gain subscribers everything.

          I just listed versus the money side of things like how to make youtube your actual job how to set affiliate links get sponsorships monetize your channel etc so if you guys would like to see a video on that and specific like how to make youtube an actual career that's a whole separate ballgame so let me know give this video a thumbs up and I will do that video this is the second video in my series of like how to with social media bitch I did it how to get famous on Instagram videos that actually is approaching half a million right.

          now so I was pretty impressed I didn't expect it to do that well but I guess a lot of people don't really talk about these things or at least give like real tips and I'm going to admit a lot of this is look well obviously it's all all look like youtubers who have gotten to the place that they're at they got there for a reason like they put in work we do have control over a lot of the things that get us to go viral and grow and gain subscribers etc so I'm going to give you all my tips and tricks through what I do know and what I truly think can help you and your channel if you are making a channel or you're in the process of trying to grow the one you already have so.

            first things first when you start your channel I think you should have a reason why so if net keeps you motivated because it doesn't happen overnight like you have to genuinely enjoy what you're doing or else you're going to get sick of it and you're going to give up if you just expect to get famous overnight like that these things can definitely help to speed up the process but you just can't be disappointed right off the bat if you don't get a million hits on your very first video so keep that in mind when you're getting started you should know what you want other people to get out of your videos and what you want to get out of your videos for example when I started my channel I wanted to document my life help other people and share my experiences I'm pretty sure I've done that like.

            I feel very very accomplished in that sense and that is what matters to me and I think that people can see that in my videos I have shared things that other people couldn't necessarily talk about and let they went through the same thing for example my ad D that's something I struggle with my entire life I've made videos about it and people can see in my videos how real I being when talking about that subject so a lot of people do suggest that when you make a channel you should do like the cliche how-to videos because people easily search those if that's what you want to do do that but I would suggest doing something that still relates to you.

            so you can add your passion and your personal input to whatever you're talking about so yeah how-to videos they do get hits right off the bat I never really went that route I didn't even actually hear that piece of advice so much later but if you do a how-to video it's definitely going to show through the video if you actually care about whatever it is that you're doing a how-to video on don't just make a video because you think it's going to do well or you think people would want to see it if that was the case you guys. 

            I would do a lot of certain types of videos that I've never done or I would do more of because I know that those are things that do well but do what you personally have a passion for and want to talk about and have experience well think of something that makes you unique and that people go to you for if they have a question they want to know how you have followers on Instagram they want to know how you grew your hair out the way that you did they want to know why you wear colored contacts and where you get them from and how you put them on etc if you're doing like a how-to kind of video 


            if you want to do a story time what is your go-to experience that you tell people when you meet them right off the bat like the craziest thing that's ever happened to you that people are genuinely interested in hearing about he thought in mind same thing with conspiracy theories it has to be what you're genuinely passionate about and what people know you for even if it's not on the internet yet it could just be in your personal life in high school whatever it is don't feel awkward when filming.

              I promise I'm going to get to the technical stuff later in this video but don't feel awkward I felt so we're talking to myself in a camera in the beginning and it definitely showed so think about what you notice and what you like in other Creators whether it's their editing style or the way they get really close to the camera or the way they laugh or they're super bubbly or they make corny jokes and try to incorporate that into your videos because you know that you like seeing those in other people's videos but be yourself don't try to be jenna Marbles or Shane Dawson don't try to replicate someone else's content because that's also going to show.

              if it's not genuinely your personality so be yourself let it shine through your videos it's okay to mess up if you mess up really bad you can easily edit it out or you can just leave it in it funny so have fun with it don't put yourself under a bunch of pressure when it's your first time filming because I know I did I felt like everything I said had to be perfect and sometimes I still feel that way so just know that you're in a safe place and that people ultimately will watch you for your personality not just your content so don't feel like you have to be a alien or a robot when speaking and sharing whatever.

           it is that you have to say you can mess up you can make mistakes you can burp you can do this Matt if anything it'll just make the content more relatable and funny once you get a decent amount of following which I'll talk more about how to do that you're going to want to do a Q&A video because you walk people to get to know you as a person you'll have to do a QA but I would definitely suggest opening up because it makes your relationship with your subscribers that much more closer they know who you are where you came from while you're doing YouTube what's your purpose on here are you in school how old are you what's your favorite color whatever it's basically getting to know you as a youtuber

             because I know that people that I watch on a consistent basis I feel like they're my friends or at this point being a youtuber like they actually are my friends in your life but that's because I've gotten to know them through their videos or outside of their videos because they're personable the next thing is some nails and arguably I feel like these could actually be more important than titles a lot of the time. 
            I use PicMonkey pretty much every youtuber uses PicMonkey I use the free version you can pay for the other thing if you want to but I've never used it I've never found it to be necessary and you can just either screenshot the video or take a picture and then go on there add emojis edit it however you'd like.

           when I first started I didn't even know that you could do this I would literally just screenshot the thumbnail randomly in the video and slap emojis on it so now I try a little bit harder than that because I figured out how to actually do that and how much it really does make a difference I've also learned that less is more when it comes to thumbnails sometimes if you have a bunch of stuff on there it looks way too overwhelming and people just won't click on it sometimes it also doesn't hurt to have something on the thumbnail like in writing that's different from whatever the title is all this works in conjunction to make your videos do well title tags and the description box those things they need to match up that's actually crucial I learned this not even that long ago and it has made a huge difference in my channel in my videos and my ratings etc.

             so if you've noticed a law Time youtubers they will put in the first sentence of their description box something having to do with the title for example this video is about how to get famous on YouTube in their titles how to get famous on YouTube and then their tags or the tags will be how to get famous on YouTube because when it's in all different three places when you search how to get famous on YouTube your video will most likely be one of the first ones to pop up because it makes it that much more relevant that's why you'll see a lot of repetitive tags and description boxes.

            Make the best titles because it just makes it get up there when you search it that much easier also Google keywords I just started utilizing this like to be honest I could probably do a better job with it still but if you go to a website called Google Keyword you type in whatever it is that your video is about for example I did a video about how to get famous on Instagram type in Instagram some of the top searched things are how to get famous on Instagram how to grow on Instagram how to edit pictures on Instagram of course only if they are in fact relevant to the video you talked about them in the video etc all those types of fit so.

            it definitely helps to get your videos out there get more views and just get more subscribers and people who maybe we're following you on one thing but not the other they'll go over and follow you on there as well so it's pretty self-explanatory collabing and networking with other youtubers so there is a right and a wrong way to do this one don't collab with people because you want their subscribers that is so offensive people will seriously hate you over that it's called social climbing also make friends with people first don't just try to collapse someone right off the bat.

             I have made some of the best friend ever through YouTube like it's one of the most amazing ways to connect with people in the whole entire world especially because you have that common interest with them and so not even just collabing with that person helps to grow both yours and other person's channels but just bouncing ideas off of each other helping to learn from each other maybe they can teach you something that you didn't know and vice versa it's just really great to be a part of the community so make sure that you do dive in DM people ask them comment on our stuff and get to know them also commenting on people's videos. 




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