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If you read this article right now you know that WhatsApp is without a doubt one of the most popular conversational agents out there. 

When you consider WhatsApp tricks, many people tend to associate it with Android, but there is absolutely no shortage of WhatsApp iPhone tactics. If you are looking for WhatsApp tactics for WhatsApp by 2020, you are in the right position.
1. WhatsApp: How to send a message without adding a contact

You can send WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers with simple command functionality using the Shortcuts app. Follow these steps:

Download the shortcut app on your iPhone and open it. Now use any shortcut once. Then go to Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to shortcuts> enable Allowed Shortcuts. This will allow you to use Shortcuts Downloaded on the Internet.

Now open this link and tap on Shortcut.

You will be redirected to the Shortcuts app. On the Add Shortcut page, scroll down and then tap Do Not Access Shortcut from the bottom.

Now go back to My Shortcuts page and execute the command, Open in WhatsApp.

Once you have started this, you will be asked to enter a recipient number. Enter and country code and you'll be redirected to ShareApp with a new message window open.

You can also touch the three dots icon at the top of the shortcut> and then tap on Home screen for quick access.

2. WhatsApp: How to edit a message

Yes, you read that right, there's a way to organize messages on WhatsApp for iPhone. This is not as easy as editing emails or tweets, but it is not too difficult. To get this, you'll need to rely on Siri Shortcuts, which is an Apple app that lets you swap out pretty much everything on an iPhone. Follow these steps to edit a message on WhatsApp for iPhone:

Download the shortcut app on your iPhone and open it.

Select the default tab below and touch Create Personal.

On the next screen, tap Day Time to schedule when to start working with your automation. In this case, select the dates and times when you want to edit WhatsApp messages. When that's done, touch Next.

Tap Enter action and then in the Text Type search bar and from the list of actions that appear to select Text.

After that, enter your message in the text field. This message is anything you want to edit, like, 'Happy birthday'.

After you're done entering your message, touch the icon at the bottom of the text field and look for the WhatsApp bar.

From the list of actions that appear, select Send Message via WhatsApp. Select a recipient and hit Next. Finally, on the next screen, tap Done.

Now for a limited time, you'll receive a notification from the Shortcuts app. Tap the notification and it will open WhatsApp with your message attached to the text field. All you have to do is hit Send.

3. Enter the WhatsApp dialog on the home screen

Unlike Android, iOS doesn't have the option to add a chat shortcut to the home screen. However, with the help of the Shortcuts app, a chat dialog has now been added to the home screen. Here's how to do this.

Open the shortcut app> on the My shortcuts page, touch Create Short.

On the next screen, tap Insert Action> now search Send Message with WhatsApp> tap.

Your new shortcut will be created. You will now have to add a recipient. It can be any connection you want to add to your home screen.

When done, touch Next. In the next screen, enter your shortcut name. You can also edit the shortcut icon by tapping on it. Next, touch Done.

You will be redirected to My Short Page. tap the icon that shows the three dots in the top right of your newly created shortcut. On the next screen, you'll see a three-dot icon, then tap. Finally, tap Apply on the Home screen> tap Apply.

This will add the desired contact to the main home screen. Whenever you touch their icon, you will be taken directly to them on their WhatsApp video chat.

4. WhatsApp: How to stop downloading media

WhatsApp in its default setup automatically saves photos and videos to your phone. However, sometimes when you are part of many group discussions, you often find a lot of spam content that only consumes space on your phone. Fortunately, there is a way to stop this. Here it is:

Open WhatsApp> tap on Settings> tap on Data and Use Storage.
Under Media Auto-Download, you can touch individual images, Audio, Videos or Docs and edit them to Never. This means that you will have to manually download every single image, video, and audio file.

5. Cool effects on WhatsApp camera

WhatsApp's camera feature lets you add text to your photo, add a mirror to it, add smiles and stickers, etc. There are a few tools hidden here, which allow you to blur an image or use a monochrome effect. Here's how to find these results on WhatsApp:

Open WhatsApp> tap Camera> now click on a new image or simply select one from the camera call.

When the image is in the screen, touch the pencil icon in the upper right. Keep swiping down and under the red you find two interesting tools - blurry and monochrome.

With the blur tool, you can quickly blur any part of the image. The monochrome tool allows you to quickly turn parts of an image into black and white.

You can also change the size and increase the brush size to more accurately control blur and monochrome. Swipe down toward the color palette as soon as you reach a blurred or monochrome tool, swipe left, without raising your finger on the screen, increasing or decreasing the brush size.

6. Listen to WhatsApp voice notes before sending

While WhatsApp lets you share instant voice notes with your contacts, there is no option to preview the voice note before sending. However, by following WhatsApp's WhatsApp strategy, you can preview your voice note each time before sending it. Here it is:

Open the dialog in WhatsApp> tap and hold the mic icon in the bottom right corner to start recording and swiping to key. This way you will be able to get your thumb out of the screen.

When you're done recording, just jump to the home screen. As you return to WhatsApp, you'll see that the voice recordings have stopped and now there's a small play button at the bottom. Tap this button to play the recorded audio.

In addition, if you wish to re-record you can also hit the red delete button to end the current recording.

Bonus tip - if you don't want to play the voice notes on the speaker, simply press the play button and lift your phone to your ears. You will now hear your voice note by phone, such as a call.

7. How to enable two-factor authentication in WhatsApp

This is the best security feature on WhatsApp. With 2-step verification, you'll need to enter a six-digit PIN when trying to set up WhatsApp on any smartphone. If a person gets your SIM card, they will not be able to log in without that PIN. Here's how to enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp:

Open WhatsApp> go to Settings> Tap Account> tap 2-step verification.

Next tap tap Enable. You will now need to enter your six-digit PIN, followed by adding an email address that will be linked to your account. This is done in case you forget your six-digit PIN and reset it.

After confirming your email, touch Done and that's it. Your WhatsApp account now has a security layer.


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