benefits of bananas and their side effects of banana



You will hear about the benefits of
bananas and their side effects of banana in this article.

Although you might have eaten several fruits, in this
post today you will hear about the benefits of banana.
And this is what
you'll be shocked to hear.

"You must have heard the saying that in this post we will explain the benefits
of banana that you might not have understood before, "Fruit one and its benefits are many. 

The nutrition given below is
found in a medium-size banana.

27 grammes

3 grammes

Proein: 1
gramme of protein

Manganese: 16%
of the DV

105 Calories

17 percent of the
Daily Value (DV): vitamin C

Vitamin B6: 22%
of DV vitamins

Potassium: 12%
of the DV

Magnesium: 8%
of the DV

0.3 g.

It is helpful to
eat bananas at this moment.

In the morning, eating
a banana is like gold.

In the afternoon, eating
a banana is like silver.

During the night, eating
banana is like iron. 

 In bananas, many types of nutrition are available. Banana is beneficial for our body.

There are many benefits such as for skin, for hair, for pregnancy, for kids, for body, for eyes, for men, for face, for body and you will be surprised to know.

banana benefits for skin

If you want to keep your face clean and clean then you can make banana mask and apply it on your face, whose process has been given below.

Use honey, lemon juice and a simple banana face mask. And Keep the mask on for 10 minutes and rinse.

Banana and lemon contain vitamin C which makes the skin shiny
Banana lightens black spots.

Whitens skin tone.

Will make your skin soft and supple.

Your skin will be very good.

Treats Acne. 

Lightens Dark Spots.

➽ banana benefits for body

Eating bananas has the following benefits. Protect against developing Type 2 diabetes, Helping the production of white blood cells.

Strengthen the nervous system, Aid in weight loss, The high potassium and low sodium content of bananas can also help protect your blood pressure from high blood pressure.

banana benefits for kids

Banana is more suitable for children.

Bananas help children gain weight.

This fruit is soft and tender for children to eat.

First of all, a solid food banana is a great option for children.

Because it contains a lot of nutrition.

And it is better to feed your children in the morning.

If you want to bring the above benefits in your life, then eat bananas regularly and feed your children.

If you eat bananas regularly then you can bring such great benefits in your life, such as to avoid developing type 2 diabetes, Strengthen the nervous system, help with weight loss, for children, for your face, for hair, and there are many benefits that we have mentioned above.

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